I Watch my Child Sleeping (and you can too!!)

Well, that’s figurative.

Go watch your own kid sleep.

When I get home in the morning I like to check in on Jude and make sure he’s still in his crib. I know what your thinking, where else would he be? I don’t know, I just like to make sure he’s sleeping soundly. We rearranged his bedroom the other day though and I honestly had not a clue where he was when I looked in and saw not only he was gone, but his crib was too. Most times he’ll be sleeping heavily, contorted into some exorcist like position. I blame his mother for this. She’ll forever be the queen of odd, painful looking sleeping positions. The other night when I went into his room, Jude was sleeping with his face against the crib. I repositioned him back to the middle and had to hold back a laugh while I did. The poor guys face was covered in red, tread like marks. My laughing broke his sleep and he opened his eyes into little slits. A huge smile crossed his face and his body stretched out as stiff as a board. His arms reached out and I quickly gave him the small, stuffed bunny he likes to hold. His eyes focus on it clearly and he made a small “awwwr” sound. I’m always grateful when all it takes to get him back to sleep is a small stuffed animal in his arms, or my wallet (see exhibit A). While he drifts off to sleep I listen to his heavy breathing turn to snoring, also inherited. Our bedrooms share a wall. Even with the door closed, sometimes his snoring can be a little much. I guess at least I know he’s sleeping soundly.

I’ve always been amazed that whatever happens during the day Jude can just drift off into dream land. A couple of weeks ago we were stranded with my brother in law in the car for over three hours. We were waiting for a tow truck to come pull him out of a two foot snow drift that had accumulated without our knowing. Although it was midnight, Jude stayed up. For a long time he sat awake in his car seat, listening to us. He didn’t make a single sound so it was hard to tell what time he actually fell asleep.

Other days when it seems like all he wants to do is make you question your decision on wanting to be a parent, I’m grateful for the night time bottle he gets. When he takes it in his hands it brings our house one more step toward sanity. Even on his worst days (because even cute ass babies have bad days) when I carry him up to his crib for the night, I know that the almost instantaneous sleep will turn him into a completely  different person the next morning.

Exhibit A




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