The Revealing

I’ve heard horror stories of parents not being able to see what gender their children are. Sometimes the child inside refuses to turn a certain way and the parents are left with the remainder of the pregnancy not knowing.
Then, there are the people who don’t want to know the gender of the kid. That’s all well in good for them but I’m far to excited to not know. Alaina and I had originally talked about waiting until birth to know the gender. The conclusion was that the anticipation would have forced us into a heart attack with death resulting.

The entire pregnancy Alaina thought she was having a girl. I thought boy for sure, but in reality I don’t have the hormones or the intuition that she does as the carrier of the child. Even though she suspected a girl, for the longest time Alaina wanted a boy. Something switched in her a couple weeks back though and she decided that she really wanted a girl. Myself, I wanted a boy but certainly entertained the delight of raising a little girl. Of course we both had also come to the conclusion that we didn’t care what it was as long as it was healthy blah blah blah.

The midwife took action and in no time at all she said: girl.

Delight was felt all around. I cannot explain my excitement in knowing that I can have a whole new experience raising a girl. I keep telling Jude that he’s going to have a little sister but of course he cannot grasp that reality. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is seeing my two kids play together and grow together both in their own way.

Now, we need to start buying girl shit. We have multiple bags of newborn and little boys clothes that need taming and I need to learn how to do a pony tail without causing pain. With only half the pregnancy left, it feels as though there’s not enough time to prepare for the arrival of our daughter.




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