Married w/Chillens….

If time travel were available to not just the very rich, I would use it to tell my 17-year-old self that the odd girl in my gym class oldestpicturewould one day be my wife. I might not have believed myself. In fact, I know I would be skeptical of someone claiming to be me from the future letting me know about my future. As if him telling me my future wouldnt alter the future he was originally sent from….enough of that.  I’m not only a father, I am also a husband to an amazing wife.

Honestly, I can’t believe how happy I am in my life. Not because I think life should be miserable, but because it seems like so many people are living in misery. The only thing that lifts me out is the light that surrounds me everywhere I go: my wife Alaina. Saying that she is the world to me is an understatement.

When Jude was first-born, we spent many a sleepless night zoning out to Married With Children. I hate that show. I hate that show because the characters are stupid. They make no sense. But watching that show made me realize something (it could have been any show that made me realize it, this is just the one that happened to be on). We’ve got it figured out. No, certainly not everything. But one of t1622142_10151889829066636_1268333991_nhe biggest puzzles of life is completed for us. I feel so lucky to know that I don’t have to search for the love of my life, she’s been with me for almost 10 years. Some people take decades to find their soul mate, and that really sucks for those people. I want as much time as possible with Alaina and I feel lucky that we’ve been able to start our lives together at such a young age. There have been rocky moments, there have been dumb moments and “teenage moments” (you know exactly what I’m talking about…you were a teenager once too). Every rock in the path or bit of drama has been overcome though and our relationship is better for it.

My friends will move away, my kids will grow and move out. When everyone leaves us all we’ll have is each other. I say that’s all I need any day. Every day the sun rises on me, she shines right along with it.


Five years ago, we decided to get married. I never proposed, I am a heel for not doing so. We just decided that we didn’t want to be with anybody but each other. So on a Wednesday in January, we bought a marriage license, found a justice of the peace, and committed to each other in a dark conference room on Main St. I remember the old man who married us asked us if we prepared any vows. Nope. That didn’t even cross our mind. Tha168825_10150837538051636_2079374017_nnkfully he had a Xeroxed copy of the standard “I do” checklist.

After 10 years of being together, 5 years of marriage, 2 unplanned pregnancies, hundreds of hours of working together (that’s a whole other volume of stories) and tons and tons of embarrassing situations together: Every day I see Alaina’s face, my love for her has not faltered. The feeling is stronger every day.

Here’s to us lady,

Love you.


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