Body Image: Part 1 of…

I don’t care about Amy Schumer. Sure, she’s funny and I’ll probably watch her movie. But I don’t have to care about her to care about what’s happening to society’s views on women.

Excuse me while I pull out my soap box. It’s only cardboard anyway.

I normally hate this type of celebrity trash talk magazine. They’re everywhere and when there’s nothing else to read, I should just close my eyes and think about math. I don’t like math, but I’d rather think about it than get pissed off about the small minded, chauvinistic captions such as the one above. Maybe I’m alone in this view but I’m sick of our society and our media body shaming woman and men. They are actually altering how we as men view women and worse, how women view themselves.  It’s absolutely ridiculous that a woman can’t go to the beach or a swimming pool or in public without being criticized about her body if it’s not “perfect”. You might say: “well that’s just celebrities and a stupid magazine, who cares?” First off, we live in a society that idolizes celebrities. Secondly, I care. I care because I have a daughter who’s not going to look like a lot of media says she should. I have a wife who’s worked hard to regain her pre-baby body (and did a damn fine job at looking sexy). I know my daughter is not and will not be the magazine girl. And that’s a great thing. She will be beautiful with every single “imperfection”. I don’t want my wife to look like the people that are portrayed. They are not real. And what’s worse is that all the woman I care about and I find absolutely flawless are being told in snidely comments and backhanded remarks that they should be ashamed of themselves.

I do not live in a delusion. I live in a world that makes people hate themselves. A world that modifies pictures to suit the tastes that have been created. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that the media is creating bad body images or that it’s creating men that continue to push the bad body image. Every time men look at a retouched photo or a comment about what a “fat” girl should wear to the beach, they’re taking the thoughts on for themselves (Obviously, not all men. Hold your hate mail). And what happens when those thoughts are applied to real world discussions? You get men, talking down to women. You have men creating very real self confidence issues based on images that are not real at all. You have a large portion of the male species making women feel bad. NO ONE SHOULD FEEL BAD ABOUT THEMSLEVES FOR BEING WHO THEY ARE! I know very real woman who work tirelessly so they can feel good about themselves and have the body image they want, only to be told by the media and the generation that listens: “You’re not good enough”.

Not only do I have a daughter affected by this, my son is going to be fed the same horse shit nonsense as every single other male. It’s up to me and Alaina to make sure he knows what’s real and what’s not. And more importantly, how to view woman and men alike. This scares me more than any other aspect of parenting. Will I raise a smart minded son who respects women and their bodies and find them beautiful for who they are and every aspect of what they look Iike, or are we going to end up with a douchebag? One who thinks they know what woman should be and what they should wear, you know, someone to tell a girl to cover up, or that she’s fat because she’s had a couple of kids. I met a man once who asked me if he could find a kickstarter for his wife for a boob job. I shit you not. He decided after her breastfeeding four kids that he (a fat assed, balding, barely able to take care of himself, moron) shouldn’t have to deal with her saggy ass tits. These are his words, not mine.

There is something wrong in our world. Something wrong with people’s egos and psyches when they need to dictate what is wrong with someone they are suppose to love.

But guess what, this isn’t just a male to female problem anymore. This entire thing is getting really fucked up. I could go on and on about this subject. This sick fucked up subject, and I’m sure I will. But for now…buckleskardashian


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