The Really Good Sneeze

I’ll always thank Garfield the Cat for the “sneeze” metaphor about Christmas. It’s true, all year long I anticipate Christmas. We spend time and energy getting ready for the special day. We decorate and cook and buy and plan. Then on Christmas morning we wake up and before we know it, Christmas night is upon us and we pass out from all the excitement. Kind of like a really good sneeze.

On Christmas eve, the kids had been put up to bed. Alaina was working on prepping some food in the kitchen and I was admiring our Christmas tree. The lights sparkled just right from the top to the bottom. Every part of it was perfect. I was only saddened when I saw the bottom of the tree. No, the lack of ornaments on the bottom foot of the tree didn’t bother me (it was bare except for lights and limbs due to our one year old). Rather, the amount of colorfully wrapped boxes lying at the bottom. I felt sad that our kids only had a couple of gifts each. Then, I was pissed at our society that makes me sad that there are only a few gifts for our kids. I started thinking of all the advertisements I’ve seen with presents piled high and then all the Facebook photos of people I know that imitate the ads. The millions of dollars spent to try and buy happiness. And then, I felt grateful. Grateful that I know not to buy into the machine. Grateful I know the difference between having “things” and having experiences and love. Grateful that my tree and my life are surrounded by love and friendships that don’t need fancy wrapping to disguise a fleeting feeling of joy. Grateful that Alaina and I can teach our kids that we don’t need useless things to feel happy. And VERY GRATEFUL that we celebrated christmas without going into debt.

I don’t believe in God…any god. I know that the concept of Christmas is essentially a whole bunch of religious and non religious celebrations from different countries, spanning centuries and rolled up into one day. No matter what you believe or how you believe it though, the holiday season is about growing the love you feel for your fellow man in hopes to make the world just a little bit of a better place. The greatest gift I received this year (besides a copy of Fallout 4, thank you Alaina) was looking at social media and seeing that my closest friends didn’t have giant piles of presents. Instead they chose to celebrate by being with the family. Our lives as parents (and non parents) can get so busy it makes it hard to spend a day with the ones you love. It gave me hope for humanity that so many people didn’t buy into the mass consumerism. Instead they chose to pass along the same values of love and sharing. Maybe we’re all learning that we’ve been force fed the same bulshit for so long, and now we’re getting sick of it.

With that being said, it’s time to look forward into the new year. For my family and myself, 2015 has been year of self improvement and security. We’ve had our ups and downs just like other families. To pretend that 2016 will be any different is literal horse shit. After the hubbub of the celebrations die down we’re left with ourselves and only ourselves. Some how we have to push each other to live life to the fullest. Yes, a new year can be a new start. But only if you acknowledge that last year you never made the new start you planned on. Night turns into day and then back into night. Having a day to start bettering yourself means nothing if you don’t follow through the rest of the year…the rest of your life.

My biggest resolution this year is to not be as much of a dick to random people. I really enjoy my friends and a handful of my family. Unfortunately I have a real problem being cordial with strangers.

Well, I’ve told my self  “Not anymore self!” Starting last week, I have been slightly more approachable by strangers! I’m working on being more talkative, and try to smile a bit more.

Seriously though, this year one thing you as readers can look forward to are more opinions and stories than just my own. I am literally planning on going across the country listening to how other people parent. And I want to hear about it on the blog too! Not just parents either!

No kids? I want to know why.

19 kids? I want to know why(because right now I’m assuming insanity)!

I want to hear tips, tricks and stories. I want the readers of this blog to be informed in all view points and be able to make the best decisions they can. We can help grow a great generation!

So email me, , leave a comment or send me thoughts telepathically!

From my family to you and yours, Happy New Year!




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