Do you remember your first kiss? I mean the first kiss that actually meant somethings and had actual feelings behind it. I’m not asking about your childhood romance in the sandbox, “I’ll show you mine, you show me yours” type of kiss. Do you remember when you first kissed someone you love? Or maybe even someone you were infatuated with….A first kiss is a very powerful gesture. Mixed in your lips are a plethora of emotion and desire and nerve endings sending signals everywhere in your body and mind. Not to mention disease, lost hopes and death…that just went dark…lets get back on track. I can remember the first time I kissed my wife. Upon request, I can recall the exact time of day, weather outside and how awkward it must have been (although the actual date in subject is a topic of debate in our relationship). I can tell you every feeling that was rushing through me. There’s something about a kiss that commands your emotions.

In life, the only people we’ll kiss more than our partners, are our parents. They have a total monopoly on the issue until the age when we discover why we kiss other people.

And I’m going to stop right here for a second. Lets not be sickos about what I’m talking about. I know there are people out there that feel the same way kissing their parents that they do kissing someone they have romantic feeling for. Those people have an overwhelming Oedipus Complex and have no business in this article. Go stab your eyes out.

Anyway, even after we start kissing other people, there’s no way we can catch up to the amount of kisses given or received from our parents. And while we will receive a different kind of love from our parents than we do from our significant others, there is still the feeling of love. A kiss from your kid is a feeling of love. Unless you’re a terrible parent or your kid is a teenager, we know our kids love us; a kiss from them is the extra affection that helps solidify it.

A couple of months back, I got home from work on a particularly long Sunday. I sat on the couch and was unwinding. My wife playing with the kids on the floor. I was watching them all play when my wife whispered something to my daughter. The one year old and the 26-year-old smiled at each other for a minute until my daughter turned and stumbled toward me. I leaned down and she looked back at Alaina. “Go ahead, give him a kiss.” Margot leaned into me, pursed her lips and landed a big wet kiss right on my cheek. Despite having a very wet ring on my cheek, I was instantly filled with joy. That wet ring soaked into my skin and travel all the way to my heart where it proceeded to act like acid and melt that son of a bitch. This was the first kiss she had given me. She was very proud of it too. Her smile afterwards was the joy she felt. Margot can’t form complete sentences and just barely started saying complete words. Sure, she raises her hands to be picked up and hugs my legs when I’m standing. The kiss though, the kiss is how she tells me she loves me.

Jude isn’t that much of a kisser. He turns his face into what looks like a duck and then pushes it against your cheek, that’s his kiss. While his sister is definitely more of a cheek kisser, Jude is a nose kisser. This means he says “Kiss ya nose?” and when you lean into his face he makes the smallest “mewt” sound against it and then laughs. Still melts my heart.

Now, I will never forget the first kiss from my wife, the first kiss from my son and the first kiss from my daughter, never.





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