3 days past Arkansas 

A note about this post: I originally wrote it 3 days ago. I’d like to say that becuase of terrible cell service I haven’t been able to post it. It’s a fact though that every campground we’ve been at has wide spread wifi. So the delay is merely me procrastinating.

I’m sitting in a tent in Marion Arkansas with the wind howling and Peppa pig playing on the iPad. In one week we have passed through 5 states. While we have enjoyed some states more than others, the people we have met have been outgoing and friendly. So much so that an old (decrepit) biker couple gave us the rest of their ice cream while in Kentucky. It was the perfect treat for us and the kids after having a tough time in that state. I was surprised when the older gentleman approached us, his leather jacket stiff with dirt from the road. His face looked like it had seen too much sun. They were much tougher than anything Ron Pearlman or Charlie Hunnam could portray. On one of their jackets I could read their biker gang logo. CAMR (Christian Alliance of Motorcycle Riders). 

We haven’t met anyone that hasn’t been nice to us and I’ve only had to talk Alaina down once from thinking our friendly tent neighbor was going to murder us in our sleep. 

So far we’ve learned one of the most important aspects of traveling in a small car with four people is organization. Which is great becuase Alaina and I are two of the most unorganized people I know. With 5 weeks left in our travels we are bound to get a routine down pat. Right now, everyday we have to pull almost everything out of the trunk and rearrange it. After that, we pull out whatever garbage has been left in the front and back seats(usually maps that have been ripped to shreds by Jude). I’d like to say that we wipe down everything on the inside and out but let’s face it…that’s not going to happen. In fact everytime I raise myself past the roof to get into the the Thule, I see the remanants of a giant bug we splattered with the roof rack. Sure, I could wipe it off but I’d rather look at it and go “bleh” and then shiver like I’ve seen something terrible. 

Yesterday I was a bit of a grump. Lack of coffee and sleep and missing home a little bit turned me into someone I hate. I was worried about everything we were doing and not enjoying our time together. That’s what I learned yesterday. Calm the fuck down and enjoy the time. Every night I get to fall asleep in a 9 x12 space with my beautiful wife and amazing kids. And watching them experience new places is amazing as well. I know I can be tightly wound about certain things, so I am trying to calm down. I now have faith that our tent will keep us dry. It took being down poured on for hours our very first night of tenting…but hey, you gotta have faith. And if Alaina says I reached my hand off the air mattress to make sure we weren’t floating in the tent, she’s lying. 

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