Not okay in OK

I’m sitting outside our tent in Holbrook Arizona. Today, not only did we experience the beautiful petrified forest, but we also experienced the last member of our little family getting the stomach flu. Last week in Amarillo, Margot decided to show us that she contracted the bug (most likely from me). I don’t want to be too graphic so I’ll just say it: liquid shit all over the Walmart cart. There’s no other way to put it. And to be honest, I’m glad she smelled like rotten unholiness and that we had to bolt out of the Walmart at full speed. For 3 days prior Margot was waking in the middle of the night and having complete meltdowns. Twice, in two different states, she had to be brought to the car and driven around till she fell asleep again. Alaina and myself were starting to feel like bad parents. We felt like maybe we shouldn’t have dragged our kids half way across the United States; that we were destroying our daughters little happy soul. She was so miserable for what seemed like so long. And then she shit liquid more times in a day than most people do their entire lives. Turns out, we’re not bad parents, we’re just not as perceptive as we could be. 
Anyone with a baby knows that you can’t always get them to eat or drink. As adults, when we “open the flood gates” we know to replenish our system with water and electrolytes to help ourselves stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps us heal. Babies don’t know that. So you have to check diapers to make sure babies pee. That means you have to wade past the liquid death in the diaper to see if urine existed in it as well(the diaper not the diarrhea). After listening to our pediatrician back in Vermont and seeing that Margot had not peed since early in the day, so we brought her in to the (amazing) hospital in Amarillo.

While it may have been overkill to bring her there, we are in strange places and they keep getting stranger. The last thing either of us wanted was our daughter getting sicker. It worked out well for us though, we got some good travel advice from the doctor and Margot was given a viral diagnosis.  

3 days past the hospital visit, Alaina and now Jude have both come down with the virus. I don’t know where we picked up this nasty hitch hiker, but it failed to kill us while on our trip or even dampen our spirits.

Onward out outward just like Margots liquid shit.


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