Ah, the holidays. This time of year is great for spending time with kids. Besides the prospects of Old Saint Nick, my kids are all about the christmas treats. I swear, the younger a kid is the more potent their sweet tooth. Today, myself, my two year old and my four year old made cookies. Maybe saying “made”is an overstatement.

Really what we did was take already mixed cookie dough, the one in the tube. Then, I cut circles off the tube as best I could. And then, my kids took a bunch of sprinkles and “decorated” the sugar cookies. I expected this is be a lovely aftrnoon activity taking about an hour or so. obviously, I was wrong. Because the time it took for my 2 year old to dump an entire container of sprinkles on a single cookie and yell out “ALL DONE” was less then 5 miuntes. There was no cookie left. What remained on the pan was a mountain of blue sprinkles. 

I made the mistake of making a big deal out of it. Right after my “oh no” I realized it. Margot was really proud of her cookie. And honestly, who was I to criticize her decorating skills? Especially since I wasn’t even able to cut the already  tubular shaped cookies into actual circles. 

So I stepped back. I made sure Margot knew that her cookie creation was really beautiful. And then I showed her how to pinch the sprinkles that fell all over the pan and spread them to other cookies. I felt like an asshole. In that moment her entire world was the really blue cookie. She was really proud of it. 

Sometimes as parents and people we think we know what’s better. When it comes to other people’s personal creations, we can be so critical. And I’m trying not to fall into that trap. What we all need to do is step back, and enjoy the beauty of the pile sprinkles. 





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