Maybe you’ve seen the so called “skittle theory.” Sadly, the first time I saw this was a couple years ago after the terror attack in Paris. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular theory, it tries to demonstrate the horror of letting refugees in to our country. It compares terrorists to poison skittles and good “God loving” people to non poison ones. 

So it was asked of us “If there was a bowl of skittles in front of us, and someone dropped a poison one in , would we eat from the bowl?”

My answer, yes. If we are comparing the lives of the unfortunate to the skittles they’ve probably never eaten, yes. If every single person we “let in” to America was good and one was bad. Yes. I would eat every single fucking skittle in the bowl. I would eat them to show my children that despite set backs, you stand up for what you believe in. I would eat them to prove that there’s still love in the world. I would eat handfuls of them so that every single skittle could have a chance to thrive. I would eat them because I’m not a raging asshole who believes people are inherently evil. 

And if I got the poison one? I would die knowing I gave every other skittle the chance to live fear free. I would die grateful that I accepted that bowl of skittles judgment free. I would die knowing I wasn’t afraid of skittles I’ve never met.

Because that’s what it comes down to, fear. Besides showing how privileged and pompous we are as Americans, we make references to candy in order to stop immigration because we’re scared. We’re raising an entire generation of scared kids and we don’t even realize it. 

So, eat the damn skittles, love your neighbor and stop living in fear.

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