Take a Break

I’ve rewritten this post twice. I guess the third time’s a charm. What I wanted to say, what I’ve been attempting to say in the simplest way possible is that everyone should take a break from their normal life. Raising kids is hard, you guys. It’s hard and it can be exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I love being a parent. I love it so much that I often write about it. I also love my wife.

Before last weekend Alaina and I hadn’t had a night away in two years. I don’t remember the last time we had an actual date, just the two of us. That’s probably why when we had such a hard time getting to our destination last week we both broke down in tears. Yes, we finally made it to our kid free oasis, 12 hours behind when we were suppose to. But we made it.

We made it.

Somehow we convinced 3 grandparents to watch 2 kids for 3.5 days. Somehow we managed to book plane tickets to the beautiful city of New Orleans. Somehow we ended up with some amazing friends that decided to get married in that city and invite us. Somehow all of this led to Alaina and I realizing we needed this more for our relationship than for any other reason.

That’s what I’m trying to say. Take a break. If you’re parenting as a couple you know that routines can turn into ruts. It happens so fast we often don’t realize it. Kids love routine, it helps them thrive in our inconsistent world. When we don’t take time for ourselves or our partners though, we are starving our children of a love they’ll only see between their parents.

I don’t know if it was the lack of responsibility, the passion of fresh marriage rubbing off on us or the free flowing alcohol in the streets. Somewhere in the midst of all the action I started feeling a love for Alaina that can get lost behind our responsibility and routines.

Take a break. That’s what I’m saying. Take time for your relationships. Everything physical can go away and we won’t ultimately feel worse. But if our relationships (the ones important to us) fall to the wayside, well, there’s no recovering from that.

Take a break.


After Thoughts

I’m working on a question and answer post. Please use the form below to ask anything. Anything at all.

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