I Survived

Let’s examine a meme. I love how these come up in my social media news feed from time to time. I love them because they are truly absurd. They are usually posted by an older generation, perhaps a generation that doesn’t feel at home in their current time. I’m sure one day I myself will be beaming memes into the minds of the generation below me, complaining that they’re a bunch of “pussies”. But for now let’s have some perspective.


I don’t understand why people think it’s alright to spank their kids. Basically, you are taking the approach of throwing out all reasoning with your child and instead choosing to act violently toward them. If you survived spankings, then I can almost guarantee you had some sort of antisocial behavior growing up. If your intention is to break the cycle of mild child abuse: Congrats, the spanking has made you want to be a better parent then you might have had. If you spank your kid because you survived spankings, also: Congratulations, if not for you, I’d have no point of view.

Lead Paint

Really? You’re gloating that you survived lead paint? You know how bad lead poisoning can be right? If you survived lead then you’re telling the world 1 of 2 things. 1: You were protected from the lead paint, sparing your young developing brain from nerve damage. 2. You survived lead paint because you were exposed to small doses and while it may not have killed you, it obviously left you with a learning disorder because you feel the need to post memes about surviving a substance that even the government is trying to clean up (just ask the people of Flint how often that happens).

Rusty Playgrounds

When I was a kid, we had a rusty playground. As soon as our poor ass town gathered enough money they tore that shit down because they realized how dangerous it was. Also, see above.

Second Hand Smoke

If you survived second hand smoke then you should go to the doctor to get checked out. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with you, but every single doctor in the world might disagree with me though. I’m glad you survived but am truly sorry you suffered from so many respiratory infections growing up.

 Toy Guns

In this day and age surviving while using a toy gun can almost seem like a miracle. There’s a level of quiet sarcasm here that should be noted. There’s too much controversy around this one to say anything else. I played with toy guns as a kid but based on my own feelings, I am weary to give my own children these toys.

No Seatbelts/No Helmets

I lumped these two together because not wearing either one significantly decreases your life expectancy. To me, not wearing your seat belt is the equivalent of swallowing a sword with no prior training. You know its bad to do. You know there’s a chance that if something goes wrong it will kill you. Yet, you do it anyway. You survive.

I never wore a helmet as a kid. Not until a school chum of mine crashed a four wheeler into a tree. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. He survived but he had severe brain damage. If you think wearing a helmet makes you look foolish or not cool, look at Tony Hawk. That guy has video games made about him and he wears a goddamn helmet because he’s smart enough to know that your head and a watermelon do the same thing when they hit the pavement.

Surviving these things doesn’t make you any better than anybody else. Posting these types of meme’s doesn’t prove your generation was better. If you think that holding up the fact that you weren’t raised in the “pussy generation” makes you better than the people around you, then you’re part of the problem. If you believe that these things make you better just because they didn’t kill you, again, you’re part of the problem. Don’t set an example you don’t want to live by. That is, don’t make your kids feel bad because your parents didn’t have the right information to keep you safe. Most parents try the best they can. And as we grow and evolve, we know how to keep people alive. Have a good life and enjoy what you’re given. But never drink from the hose, that’s fucking disgusting. I did it as a kid and if I knew the amount of germs and bacteria that live in a typical outdoor hose, you bet your ass I would have gone and drank from the pool instead.

After Thoughts

While I linked to the studies in the article I wanted to make sure the access to my research was easily accessible. Below are the links.

Also, I mentioned Flint Michigan in this article. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years you should click here. To help the people of flint click here.


Lead Poisoning

Second hand smoke

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