The best part of waking up

Picture this: you’re laying in bed. Your bedroom is completely dark. The smell of sleep is around you. You’re kind of starting to wake up but in denial that morning has come already. Then, you hear it. A small swish, swish, swish. The sound is so unique you almost expect David Attenborough to be narrating. What you’re hearing though is not a mating call of some wild bird, it’s not even a common house mouse. That unmistakable swishing is the sound of footed pajamas across bamboo flooring. Then you hear it “Daddy.” The voice is a forceful whisper. It stirs you and you sit up, head full of sleep. In the silhouette from your living room night light you make out a small figure. The hair atop his head makes him resemble a Dr. Seuss character.

Stop right there.

That moment right there. The moment you look up and see the silhouette.

That’s the best moment of my day.

Some people really look forward to Folgers in the morning. The best part of waking up for me though is being able to sit and watch the world wake up with my 4 year old. It helps that he’s just as happy to see me as I am him. I’m his morning coffee. The thing he needs to know he’s going to have a great day. And no matter what happens in that day, no matter how good or bad, I get to wake up and start happy.




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2 thoughts on “The best part of waking up

  1. eldiariodelunes

    Beautiful, I dont have kids yet, but I whenever I imagine my kids I dream with that moment…wake up and watch a little person waiting for me to wake up

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