Eagle Mountain

Summer with the kids got you down? Sick of watching that same Daniel Tiger episode over and over and over? Are your kids brains melting before your very eyes? Are they driving you absolutely insane?

Then my friends, you need to escort them up to Eagle Mountain. One of the highest peaks that overlooks Lake Champlain. Located in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Vermont, Eagle Mountain is the best thing since Betty White, or at least since sliced bread. The scenic drive to the off road parking is just the start of this lovely hiking trip. Once you gather your lunches, lock your car (advice from the parks department) and make sure your kids aren’t left behind (also advice from the parks department) you’ll be on your way to having a great day!

Think you’ll be missing out on classic Green Mountain scenery?

Think again! Eagle Mountain provides superior hiking to a summit and a lookout. As well as a trail through the sugar bushes and wildflowers. And if your kids aren’t too wiped out from the roughly 1.5-2 mile walk to the lookout, they can enjoy the Mossy Ledge trail. What’s not to love about moss on a ledge! My kids go crazy for moss!


Don’t be. I have verified testimonials that this mountain is “beautiful” and “a good hike”. Yes I know, toddlers don’t quite have down their good use of adjectives but they’re getting there. And I know we weren’t the only ones enjoying the trails. The friendly hikers we met along the way had obligatory cordial grins stretched across their faces! And they didn’t mind waiting for us to move our toddler doddler (every 4 year old ever) to the side of the path so they could pass freely.

Take it from me, a certified blogger, this hike is a cure for those boredom blues. Every kid will want to wander the well established trails looking for the next colored diamonds painted on the trees. The difficulty is easy and there’s really only one ledge you have to scale (if you want to summit). It’s one of the only hikes that we’ve had to gently nudge our 2 year old to walk up. The many distractions of nature are lessons to be taught and learned outside the classroom.


Now I know what you’re thinking:”A mountain? That sounds expensive.”

Well let me tell you, with free on site parking and a “bring your own lunch”, this is the most affordable afternoon (or morning) outing that you can provide for your family.

Any downsides?

Only if you love bathrooms. Because at Eagle Mountain, nature is your bathroom!


*this post is in no way affiliated with The Lake Champlain Land Trust. They didn’t pay me to write these words, any of them. For more info on directions and the like visit the Official Eagle Mountain Web Page.

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