Image may contain: 1 person, beard and catI write because I love to. My writing has never been limited to only talking about fatherhood. Among other things the birth of my son led me down this path I’m currently on. Before and since I have still worked on various forms of fiction as well as non fiction articles. Below you will find links to various works that I have been published in, as well as links to the books I have written. Currently, the books are labeled as “self published”. That term really upsets my stomach and makes me feel worthless. Ultimately, my goal is have my own Independent Publishing Label where I can distribute work of my own as well as others. This is a long term plan. For now, if you’d like to support me or support the people that believed in me enough to distribute my words, please follow the links.


Adult Fiction

The Last Hours of Don Marsh – 2011

Children’s Fiction

Buckles the Snowman Goes to the Moon – 2015

Buckles the Snowman Wins His First Title – 2014



Capable Men, “Grabbing Life by the Ball” – 2017

Morpheus Tales, “Goodbye Jonathan” – 2013 (reprint 2016)